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Orissa was renamed as Odisha and Oriya language was renamed as Odia on 1st November 2011 by Parliament of India. The name Odisha is derived from the modified form of ancient words Ora (Ura) or Odra Desa or Sumera or Odra bisaya The earliest epigraphic reference to Odras is found in the Soro copper plate grant of Somadatta from which it is clear that Uttara Tosali with its visaya Sarepahara identified with Soro of Baleswar district was part of Odra Visaya. Both Pali and Sanskrit Literatures mention the Odra people as Oddaka and Odrah, respectively..Yes, in our Odisha vacations agenda, you will want to include as many places of interest as possible. You might be surprised to know when you visit Odisha, the charm of the city is not immediately evident. But to find the real allure you must walk the streets and discover Odisha for yourself. Become a part of the state by interacting with the locals and learning a little about their way of life past and present. Of course, you will want to take in the sights and attractions that make this small state the tourist destination it has become.


Tourists flocking Odisha (Orissa) get really enthralled having visited Konark -a masterpiece of ancient and medieval architecture, Puri- a land of pristine sea beaches and nature at her beautiful best. With a number of festivals and fairs also taking place round the year, Odisha (Orissa) stands as a true land of festivities where the tourists can never get bored of. With the spirit of Buddhism still haunting the very air of the state, Odisha (Orissa) is a place where the language of stone defeats human language. A major turning point in world history took place in Odisha. The Kalinga War that led emperor Ashoka to embrace non-violence and the teachings of Buddha was fought here in 261 BC.

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Odisha (Orissa) Travel Guide–odisha Travel Agents & Tour Operators offers you the complete guide of Tours in Odisha (Orissa) Read More...

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The Odisha Luxury Hotels have something in them: Unique, warmth, relaxing, ease and comfort. And they are like the city itself, pride themselves with excellent service to the guests. Read More...

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